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Your teeth are precious dont just wait to get them decayed teeth

Your teeth are precious dont just wait to get them decayed teeth


God Speaks through Dreaming of Teeth

Your teeth are precious don't just wait to get them decayed #teeth #

The foods we choose in our diet can affect more than just our weight. It might be a surprise, but what you chew can adversely affect the health of your ...

Low income workers are likely to get tooth decay - and pull their teeth out rather

Should a tooth thats broken to the gum line be fixed?

Do not brush too vigorously as it can damage your gums and teeth. decay and gum disease

Patient with significant tooth decay between teeth

Before photo of patient with silver amalgam fillings and after with composite resin fillings

Decline of the dentist's drill? Drug helps rotten teeth regenerate, trial shows

What Does a Cavity Look Like? Discovering Tooth Issues


When you lost your tooth structure and dentists cannot fill the cavity by just normal dental fillings, you are required a crown to cover that ...

How to Detox After Amalgam Filling Removal

Woman smiling

Cross section of a molar with tooth decay [800x1128] (i.redd.it)

When bacteria overgrow in one's mouth, they will start to produce an acid which affects a harder layer of the tooth. If it left unchecked, it will go ...

pop cavities in teeth

Did you know lack of water is the number o Dental Cavity-3 copy

... crafting for blending seamlessly with the natural teeth to the extent the patients forget having the caps and the length of time it lasts. You may reach ...

Illustrations demonstrating the stages of tooth decay

Symptoms of tooth decay typically include sweet sensitivity, but may also include sensitivity to hot, cold, pressure or problems with food collecting in the ...

Cavities In Baby Teeth: Do They Need Fillings?

10 Mistakes You're Making With Your Teeth

Brush Up On the Latest Dental-Filling Options

Your teeth will pay! Dental Cavity-2 copy

Tooth decay is NOT “just-a-hole” in your tooth

baby with healthy teeth and no cavities

Tooth decay, dental caries formation detailed diagram, from healthy tooth till decay, teeth plaque, loss of calcium and phosphate.

Crown doesn't fit properly, it happens during wrong or faulty dental crown installations

Vegan Dental Health: Will Being A Vegan Harm My Teeth?

Everything you ever wanted to know about teeth (but were afraid to ask the dentist)

Save your smile. Save your smile teeth mistakes promo

Tooth sensitivity bothering you? Bust these myths first to feel well

Serious dental issues can cause dangerous health problems, pain and learning difficulties for children.

Be it caries excavation through tooth coloured fillings, removal of decayed teeth (teeth extraction) or root canal treatment, we excel in protecting your ...

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According to statistics, even the patients who are the most dedicated to brushing and flossing will probably have to deal with a cavity at some point.

ooltewah tn teeth whitening. Teeth become yellow or gray for a variety of ...

The Natural Remedy For Tooth Decay: How To Remedy Tooth Decay Naturally In The Comfort

Dental crown pictures

Caring for my teeth. A healthy smile can be ...

Looking after your teeth is vital for all-round health. Last week, research

👊Regrow your broken teeth NATURALLY, within 6 months. ages 10 - 79👊

Durable Jet Acrylic temporary

Tooth Decay Toothbrushes ...

Cheerful young woman laughing. Looking after your teeth ...

dental filling cost procedure and types

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Dental Implants. Are you conscious about your ...

Are there natural ways to prevent cavities? Many home remedies can prevent cavities or stop them at a very early stage. Find out more about causes, ...


Typically, teeth dental crowns

Porcelain Bonded Crown preparation, Bonded Crown. Image Credit: RCB Shooter / Shutterstock

... the market risk the health of our teeth to whiten, the primary focus of OraWellness Shine is to strengthen our teeth, to help them resist future decay ...

Let's presume that the need for and the commitment to getting the crown has been made, you can then expect the process to be roughly as follows.

A dental bridge hurts but really shouldn't when used to replace your missing tooth. It can be made using precious metals, porcelain or a combination of ...

Foods and Drinks That Can Cause Tooth Decay in Children

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Dental Crowns - Infinity Smiles. A porcelain bonded to precious ...

Precious stone teeth. Why? Why? - This can not be real. Who would do this?!

The latest advance in 3D printing: replacement teeth

Aging with Grace Tricks to Make Your Teeth Last You Longer

But if you do not interrupt plaque formation for an extended period, it causes inflammation of the gums. During the inflammatory process of the gum area(s) ...

How to Brush Your Teeth: For Kids

They're just inert crystals, sitting in your mouth all day. Some people have even started putting decorative crystals on their teeth. Crystals on crystals!

Scared of the dentist? Or just don't have the money for expensive tooth

Taking care of your pearly whites isn't rocket science, but it's easy to slip into habits that could cause heartache—er, toothache—in the long run.


More water fountains seen as way to help curb tooth decay in children

Crowns are also used in implant cases to replace missing teeth that have been lost due to disease, decay or an accident. A dental implant is an artificial ...

... of Surrounding Teeth Perfectly. Replaced Amalgam with White Filling

What You Need To Know About A Dental Crown and Cap

7 signs it's time to see the dentist

Photos of a maryland bridge

Dentists warn people using new trends on their teeth, The damage could be irreversable!

Tooth Decay in Kids: Causes and Prevention

gum recession with text

It is extremely important to maintain a balance between the white and the pink in the mouth.

tooth with broken buccal cusp

Whether you require a routine filling, have lost a tooth, or are experiencing pain from tooth decay or periodontal disease – our team of experienced ...

If you're suffering from decayed, chipped, fractured or discolored teeth, bonding could be a great solution to restoring the look of a beautiful and healthy ...

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Cavities and fillings are one of ...

How to Save Your Money And Your Teeth

Tooth Crown Costs Guide: How Much You Will Pay For a Porcelain or Metal Crown

Over the decades, your 32 adult teeth endure hazards such as daily acid baths,

In many cases, the dentist may need to shave off a little of the front surface of the tooth to make space for the new veneer. This can often be done without ...

Illustration of stages of a crown