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Wild salmon stocks hit lowest level on record after disastrous

Wild salmon stocks hit lowest level on record after disastrous


salmon fishing

salmon fishing


Salmon catches have dropped to their lowest level since records began in 1952, according to

Salmon catches in Scotland are at their lowest since 1952 (Owen Humphreys/PA)


The decline in wild salmon in Scotland is of great concern, the Environment Secretary has

Farmed salmon with lice damage, filmed in a fish farm called 'Vacasay' in

Mitsubishi subsidiary hopes to build salmon farms in Nova Scotia

Tasi Fosi of Anchorage, who has been dipnetting in Chitina since 1991, holds up

Sockeye return estimate on Skeena nearly triples

FLY TV - Low Water Tactics for Salmon in Western Norway

Sockeye Salmon Inquiry In British Columbia To Wade Into Fish Farms And

Foreign-Owned Fish Farms Are Devastating B.C.'s Wild Salmon

Sockeye on deck sm


Early season salmon in Norway

Plagues of parasitic sea lice depleting world's salmon stocks | The Independent


We are looking for enthusiastic salmon anglers to help run the Board. Find out more at the following link https://tinyurl.com/y6fxulbm pic.twitter.com/ ...

Global fish industry set to scale record in 2017

Salmon closures a devastating blow to North Coast business

Conservationists on Wednesday heralded the announcement that Greenland's commercial catch of wild Atlantic salmon had hit a 13-year low and suggested that ...

Salmon farming in crisis: 'We are seeing a chemical arms race in the seas'


Juvenile pink salmon dying of sea lice from salmon farms photo A. Morton

The River Fix

Spawning sockeye salmon swim at Sam Creek, off Lake Nerka in the Bristol Bay watershed, on August 10, 2018. Mary Catharine Martin | SalmonState

Image caption The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has previously said one in five salmon farms failed to meet environmental standards

A king salmon during the 67th annual Golden North Salmon Derby at the Don D.

Farmed fish could bring us cheaper food, but is it ethical?

... since records began in 1965. River Awe salmon count

Day 2 of National Hurricane conference

Scottish salmon farming directly employs 2,300 people in some of the country's most remote rural communities

exhausting language?

Coho salmon and Arctic char aggregate while feeding on sockeye salmon eggs. While coho derive much of their summer growth from invertebrates, char may rely ...

Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food: Paul Greenberg: 9780143119463: Amazon.com: Books

The researchers documented a widespread trend in both wild and hatchery fish. All are smaller and younger today, researchers have found, examining 85 ...

scottish summer salmon

441. Get Marine Harvest out of Ocean - BC, Heltsuk Join Namgis: Click image to enlarge it.

Farmed salmon

It's rare to get a permit to shoot at this location, he added, “since the photographer/ videographer has to be very careful not to disturb the eggs” or the ...

Trudeau's Selling Wild Salmon Out To Big Oil And Harmful

The terrible cost of Scotland's salmon farms

Blue Circle Foods says its Atlantic salmon contains an average of 4,100mg of Omega-

The highest figure elsewhere was in Canada where just 13 % of sites were above the national trigger level for chemical treatment.

A changing ocean

... hatcheries on wild salmon. Screening will take place on 11th June after the @ForthDSFB public drop in event. More details https://tinyurl.com/y2r7alew ...

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Eating us sterile

... environment,” he explained, noting that Since DFO is aware of his project (and knows that he's careful) they were happy to give me one of the permits.”

Atlantic Salmon - Fish & Fishing on Flipboard by Paul Gray | Atlantic Salmon, Scottish Government, Norway

Terrifying map shows all the parts of America that might soon flood


... East Kamchatka pink salmon FishSource scorecard.

Sunday Herald 8 Jan 2017 #2

A leaping salmon is one of nature's most enduring icons. At a fish trap on

About 80 per cent of B.C. wild seafood exports are bought by Chinese consumers, says B.C. Seafood Alliance executive director Christina Burridge.

Striped bass have come back with a vengeance in the Miramichi and the river's world famous Atlantic salmon are on the menu.



The unprecedented 2015/16 Tasman Sea marine heatwave | Nature Communications

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Prepared for the big one? Protecting West Sacramento from the Sacramento River is a new

Human impact on climate is 100 years old

Salmon surge: Habitat improvements paying off on one California river

See the jumping salmon? Standing at the edge of a cage, you can watch them coming out of the water. Salmon need to jump at least every 24 hours in order to ...

My life: A record of events and opinions. London: Chapman and Hall. Volume 1.

... groups obscures the fact that some populations did very poorly in 2016, continuing a concerning trend in abundance for several interior sockeye runs.

Download figure ...

alaskan salmon skeleton illustration. The world's wild king salmon stocks ...

Gulls mill and call near where fishermen clean the sockeye salmon they caught dipnetting near the

The graph covers 500-years and appears to present a frightening increase in extinctions and extinction rate.

If one checks the tide gauge record for the 20th century (Holgate 2007) one sees two significant things:

A look at Lewiston, Idaho, Clarkston, Washington, the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. All Idaho salmon and steelhead must pass this point.

Salmon closures announced for the Skeena and Nass Rivers, as well as rivers on Haida Gwaii. (Fisheries and Oceans Canada map)

Fishermen lament season closures and waste of excess hatchery runs


Salmon farming in crisis: 'We are seeing a chemical arms race in the seas' | Environment | The Guardian

Ziggo Cloud fillets sockeye salmon Friday, June 29, 2018 at Drifter's Landing in Kenai

HUNGER: The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas

Not so, and yet another testimony to the fragility and huge variations in the health of wild salmon stocks. More so reasons to protect them as much as ...

If US consumers ate as much salmon as Germans, it would translate to a 49% increase in demand. A slide from Atlantic Sapphire's recent investor presentation ...

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Globe ...

My life: A record of events and opinions. London: Chapman and Hall. Volume 1.

Bill Green, at left, presents one of the season's first Copper River king salmon to the Bridge Restaurant partners Patrick Hoogerhyde, center and Al ...

fishery scorecardNE_Sakh_pink_scorecard. ...

New sea lice drug has industry hopeful but conservationists concerned

CORRESPONDENCE: National Marine Fisheries Service thanks Michael Harris and Orca Conservancy for their assistance during the successful A73 (Springer) ...

Including perspectives about salmon from artists, scientists, writers, anglers and more. Read the stories at http://fms.scot/what-do-wild-salmon-mean-to-me/ ...

Migrating salmon in the wild

Who keeps buying California's scarce water? Saudi Arabia