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The 10 Key Scenes You Need to Frame Up Your Novel Writer

The 10 Key Scenes You Need to Frame Up Your Novel Writer


(Here's the handout you'll be filling out during the workshop — 10 Key Scenes.)

The 10 Key Scenes You Need to Frame Up Your Novel

The 10 Key Scenes You Need to Frame Up Your Novel ~ WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Advent Calendar Prize: 10 Key Scenes That Frame Up Your Novel Course (C.S. Lakin)

The 10 Key Scenes You Need to Frame Up Your Novel | Writer? Motivation and tips here. | Writing, Writing tips, Writing advice

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The 10 Key Scenes That Frame Up Your Novel. By ANGELA ACKERMAN | Published July 31, 2018 | Full size is 800 × 800 pixels

... the stages and how Susanne explained in words, writing, and using the movie clips. I will definitely use more of her methods when I plot my next novel."

The 10 Key Scenes You Need to Frame Up Your Novel | Writing | Fiction writing, Writing inspiration, Writing advice

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C. S. Lakin

DIY Your Edit: 10 Tips to Shape Up Your Manuscript

"C. S. Lakin is a genius! I love how she merges mind-blowing structure information into comprehendible audio/visual lessons. I'm one who needs to have ...

“I've taken several craft courses over the past five years in an effort to learn plotting, character development, character arcs, and creating setting.

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Get inside the mind of your protagonist by learning to write in Deep Point-Of

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Roughly sketch scene ideas.

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By Heart is a series in which authors share and discuss their all-time favorite passages in literature.

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The Ten-Scene method is from the great guidebook The Writer's Little Helper. The swell graphic shows off how to set up the sequence.

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Illustration: Jess Wilson

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Writing a novel is no easy feat. While there are many books, podcasts, blog posts and webinars that will teach you how to plot and structure a novel, ...

A scene is a series of action that carries the reader from one point of view, during a particular period of time, in a specific place.

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Once you've spent some time on the first three steps, apply the same principle of writing outlines as described in Step 3 to your own novel.


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It has everything you might want to know about your novel's word counts — including how long a novel in full should be. Simply enter your email below to ...

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Atwood is a buoyant doomsayer. Like a skilled doctor, she takes evident satisfaction in providing an accurate diagnosis.

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