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Struggling with painting a great composition or mixing intense

Struggling with painting a great composition or mixing intense


Frustrated with Colour Mixing? Read this.

acrylic landscape painting. “

Tip on how to paint skies and clouds. In this article I am sharing the

5 Tips to Put Value To Work For You - Mary Bentz Gilkerson. Struggling with painting a great composition or mixing intense ...

"Featherlike" oil painting by Robie Benve, all rights reserved. Sometimes clouds are. "

5 Tips to Put Value To Work For You - Mary Bentz Gilkerson

Struggling with creating a great composition or intense colors? The thing that may be holding your painting practice back could be value.

Water photography ideas - Matthew Brandt

How to Paint a Simple Still Life using Oil Paints

Four pillars of watercolour

Painting and the Struggle for the Whole Self

7 Keys To Using Color - Mary Bentz Gilkerson

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Awards include the Jerwood Painting Fellowship Award in 2015-16. He is currently living and working in London.

Ascension 5, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36” X 36”

adding shadows to a landscape painting

Artists of all levels can still struggle with plein air painting. Prepping your materials,

Tips on How to Paint a Landscape - Background artwork: View of Saint-Mammès

Can You Paint a Landscape with Just 3 Colors?

How do you begin a piece?

Francis Picabia, Portrait of a Doctor c.1935–1947

7 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Paintings

Paintbrush mixing paints on palette

Painting of birch trees using a variety of greens.

“Cloeck en veerdigh”: Energetic and Skillful Painting Techniques of the Sixteenth-Century Leiden School

GAC 800 Pour

Digital Design Basics: Introduction To Speed Painting

Tell Your Story

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD 48” X 48” / Mixed Media

“ I paint what I dream, and I dream what I paint” oil and mixed media on canvas 2018

Having just posted a blog entry about fall color and trying to capture it, I thought I would again reference another painting challenge which is sunrises ...

Abstract Expressionist Joan Mitchell Was Complicated, Driven—and a Genius

What gives a painting PUNCH? More often than not, those paintings explore the full range of light and dark and create drama through CONTRAST.

Here's ...

You can begin to paint free-form, try out a simple method like a monochromatic painting or try a self-portrait as a warmup.

Made Recently

Finding Words in Paint: How Artists See Dyslexia

Regardless of what you want to paint, it can be helpful to have a dab of each primary color plus black and white.

For the French Post-Impressionist Pierre Bonnard, colour wasn't just a way to adorn a picture, it was a means to experience life itself. When he had mixed a ...

Virgin of the Rocks, Leonardo da Vinc

Mixing Paint

WASSILY KANDINSKY (1866-1944) Autumn Landscape with Boats, 1908 (oil on

SECOND STEP: MIX A PALETTE In my experience the painting actually happens on the palette. The paint application, Selective Start, Line & Value Block-In, ...

Arabian Night | Mixed Media | 28″ x 22″ | £3,950

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2 palette mixing areas, after use

Color mixing for artists - John Pototschnik - OutdoorPainter.com

Food watercolor illustration mid-process.

Depth of Doubt, mixed media, assemblage on canvas, 16×20 inches

What is Abstract art | Painting by Timothy Hawkesworth | ArtistsNetwork.com

Here is the first triads painted in color. All colors have value but that is

bere point, sointula bc II, mixed media on canvas, 20” x 20

Under Vanilla Skies 24x30.jpg 2. “

2 palette mixing areas, after use

01_Leslie_Blackmon_The Broken Place .jpg

"From the Heights," by Charlotte Mertz (12"x6" watercolor,

Testimonial IV (2011) mixed media on acrylic panel

a level mixed media photography sketchbook

SECOND STEP: MIX A PALETTE In my experience the painting actually happens on the palette. The paint application, Selective Start, Line & Value Block-In, ...

Painting Vegetation: Grass, Moss, Trees, Fields & Bushes

Four pillars of watercolour


Great watercolor sets for beginners

Simplifying a Painting

this is not the sea; it's lake diefenbaker, SK, mixed media on canvas


Catch of the day | Mixed Media | 18″ x 14.5″ | £2,150

Mixed Episodes I, acrylic and mica on canvas, 16" x 20",

Race, power, money – the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat | Art and design | The Guardian

not as useful if you are not aiming for realism in your work

You showed me earlier in your reference book that you use compositions of classical renaissance paintings. Do you usually go back to one work that inspires ...

WINTER'S SLEEP III 14” X 11” / Mixed Media

Artists, are you struggling to create eye-catching compositions when you paint? Understanding

Image titled Create an Abstract Painting Step 1

What colors would you paint this little study if given only 20 minutes to fill in

After the first layer dried, I mixed sand into each color and began layering on the texture. With each layer it seemed to look better, showing lots of ...

Complete Guide to 2019 Artist Grants & Opportunities

Cheltenham Beach, Takapuna, NZ, acrylic, 51x51cm.jpg

Meet me where the wild things grow // Tara Leaver

What do you think is successful in your project? -What do you think could be improved, what did you struggle with?

Untitled – Mixed Media. Artist Unknown

Mix Colors

Photo by Andrew Han @hantography_

Outsider art

Light and Dark Tones Create Contrast in a Painting

Discovery // Tara Leaver. Here's a painting with a strong diagonal composition ...

Big brushes are best when painting big areas or using a loose painting style. Small

Cotman watercolor review & how it compares to other student paint sets - ScratchmadeJournal.com

Color mixing for artists - John Pototschnik - OutdoorPainter.com

If you look through my portfolio, you will quickly notice that I do not often paint people, whether it be figures or portraits. I am not sure why because I ...

Piccadilly Circus at Night - Richard Barnes

The Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dalí 1931. “

Roses Abstract

Philip Taaffe. "Strata Nephrodium," 2014. Mixed media on canvas, 54 x 67 inches. © Philip Taaffe; Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York.

Painted points form an image of a man's profile