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Science Fiction Adventures Sep 1953 The Digest Enthusiast Pulp

Science Fiction Adventures Sep 1953 The Digest Enthusiast Pulp


Science Fiction Adventures Sep. 1953

Science Fiction Adventures July 1953

Science Fiction Adventures Sep. 1953

Science Fiction Adventures July 1953

Fantasy Fiction June 1953

The Digest Enthusiast · Analog Jan. 1971 Science Fiction Magazines, Pulp Fiction Book, Science Fiction Art,

Science Fiction Adventures May 1954

Science Fiction Adventures March 1953

Science Fiction Adventures March 1954

Alfred Hitchcock Feb. 1964

2: Cthulhu – Larque Press | The Digest Enthusiast | Pulp

Science Fiction Adventures Dec. 1953

The Digest Enthusiast No. 9 Jan. 2019

Fantastic Adventures 1940 Oct cover.jpg


F&SF May/Jun 2019

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Jul/Aug 2017

Robert Gibson Jones' October 1950 cover for L. Ron Hubbard's Masters of Sleep

Fiction, News, and Reviews. Inside The Digest Enthusiast ...

Asimov's Science Fiction Mar/Apr 2019

Weird Tales

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Manhunt Detective Story Monthly April 1953. Hard Boiled DetectiveAdventure MagazineCrime FictionPulp ...

Fantasy & Science Fiction May/Jun 2019

Issue Checklist

Science Fiction Adventures May 1953

Amazon.com Kindle Magzter Larque Press Preview

“Men's Adventure Magazines and the Art of War” – a PulpFest presentation (Part 1).

Science Fiction Adventures March 1953

Ares Albion-small

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The following is a history of the formation of this collection in the words of its compiler, Loftus (Lofty) E. Becker, Jr.:

image 0 ...

Beyond Fantasy Fiction-First Issue-1953-Sturgeon, Richard Matheson, Damon Knight

Thousands of other volumes are in the collection, from Asimov to Zelazny, as well as issues of early pulp magazines!

PulpFest 2019 postcard

BEYOND FANTASY FICTION March 1954 - Ray Bradbury, Philip Jose Farmer digest pulp

An original 1937 Thrilling Detective pulp, from my private collection. Go to see more

Science Fiction Adventures, Nov 1952

Mike Ashley - Time Machines, The Story of the Science-Fiction Pulp Magazines From the Beginning to 1950 (PDF)

Worlds Beyond Science-Fantasy Fiction #2 Rare Pulp Era Digest Magazine

Alexander Kohn's cover for the March 1949 issue. Phallic spaceships were common on SF magazine covers, but here a submarine plays that role.


1955-02 Science Fiction

For an interview published in The Digest Enthusiast #8, Richard Krauss asked, “In 'Professionals,' Out of the Gutter No. 2 (Summer 2007), the narrator is a ...

With the contraction of the pulp industry during the 1950's, men's adventure magazines began to take off. The successful transformations of ARGOSY, ...

Analog Mar/Apr 2019

410 - Vanguard to Neptune J. M. Walsh, 1953 {Turner} 411 - Solution t-25 T. Du Bois, 1953 {Embleton}

Super-Science Fiction

Beyond Fantasy Fiction 7/54 Vol 2. #1 Pulp Era Fantasy Digest H.l.

The Digest Enthusiast 6 June 2017 Edd Vick-small

The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics, Vol. 2: Bob Powell's Terror by Craig Yoe

Of course, many pulp mag fans learn to enjoy aspects of them all, the same way some movie fans can appreciate all types of movies, from the best, ...

1955-02 Science Fiction

Mark Watson, Best SF (forthcoming) Various, Goodreads

American Science Fiction, no.19, November 1953 Publisher: Malian Press, Australia

Popular Fiction Publishing[edit]

Best known as ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION's primary cover artist from 1939 to 1953, Rogers' illustrations also graced the covers and interiors of ADVENTURE, ...

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08 - World in a Test Tube ...

Edwin Baird

Fantastic Adventures Fantastic Adventures Pulp Covers. Editor Raymond A. Palmer Howard Browne Categories Fantasy, science fiction


War stories – both fiction and non-fiction – were a common feature in men's adventure magazines throughout all three decades of their existence, ...


3 Vintage 1940's Science Fiction Pulps Amazing Stories & Fantastic Adventures

1957-07 Ellery Queen

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(Loftus E. Becker, Jr.)

Resident Witch – Larque Press | The Digest Enthusiast | Pulp Modern Science Fiction, Witch

21 - Alien Impact ...

There Is Another Shore, You Know, Upon the Other Side, by Joanna Russ


... fiction than pulp, they seemed to fit in perfectly with the rest of the writers at the time. We are still in contact with Kate, and she continues to ...

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Her mother, Colleen Drippe was already writing SF stories for our magazines.

three rare Australian books published by The Malian Press – “The Thing From Another World” (1952), “Elimination” (1953; also contains “Frictional Losses”) ...

American Science Fiction No. 13, May 1953 Publisher: Malian Press, Australia Cover

A skeleton writing with a quill pen at a high desk

Science Fiction Quarterly

D-125 ISAAC ASIMOV The Man Who Upset the Universe (original title: Foundation and Empire; cover by Robert Schulz; 1955; listed as "complete and unabridged"; ...

(24) VIDEO OF THE DAY. “The Mother of All Demos Hosted by Douglas Englebart” on YouTube is a video (recorded by Stewart Brand) of the December 1968 ...

Seventeen of the stories are crime fiction of one sub-genre or another, one is a cross-genre mix of science fiction and crime fiction, and one is horror.

... the Saturday Night Auction returns to PulpFest on July 29. It will begin shortly after 9 PM with the always entertaining John P. Gunnison of Adventure ...

The 2017 Paperback and Pulp Bookfair

[October 20, 1963] Science Experiments (November 1963 F&SF <


Super-Science Fiction

After over fifty years, I think it is time to honor the publication that brought us into the pulp community, BRONZE SHADOWS. It was the creation of Fred ...

... The-Digest-Enthusiast-January-2017-rack

Authentic Science Fiction (UK digest) NOTE: The first 28 issues were novels, and little else. 01 - Mushroom Men of Mars Lee Stanton, 1951 {D.L.W.}

Book Review: The Penultimate Truth, Philip K. Dick (1964)

Two men with rifles stare in shock at a huge jewel in the hand of a


The sensational pulp magazines were illustrated by many legendary artists with colorful personalities. They often competed for free-lance assignments.