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Sauron and ArPharazons dialogue preview by Bil0vd Lord of the

Sauron and ArPharazons dialogue preview by Bil0vd Lord of the


Sauron and Ar-Pharazon's dialogue preview by Bil0vd ...

Gorthaur Sauron 03 by Bil0vd ...

(Sauron shapeshifting into snake)- Sauron and Luthien - Sauron - Sauron... - Mother of bees

Sauron, Melkor and young Glaurung by Bil0vd ...

Sauron's sketchdump by Bil0vd

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cenobitesquid 118 25 Sauron's and Ar-Pharazon's dialogue_part 1 by Bil0vd

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Melkor seducin' Mairon by phobs (morgoth & sauron)

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Sauron and his pet cat, Shelob by GodsHateMaths | Melkor and Company | Pets, Cats, Lord of the rings

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Sauron sin armadura

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Tar-Mairon by Kuruven.deviantart.com on @deviantART STUNNING

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Gorthaur Sauron (04) by Bil0vd.deviantart.com on @deviantART Tierra Media

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Gorthaur Sauron, lord of werewolves by Bil0vd on DeviantArt. Is it wrong that every

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Size chart of Dragons of Middle-Earth

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