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Our adventures are looking a liiiiiitle different these days aka

Our adventures are looking a liiiiiitle different these days aka


Our adventures are looking a liiiiiitle different these days (aka spending today setting up our

We can't wait to get back on the #road! Follow us to see #howtotraveltheUS and #howtotravelinanRV! Although we still feel li…

I don't want much from this life but I certainly need you Love @

One of my most favorite past times is reminiscing and looking back at the true joy

Well, he took one look at my footwear and sent me back inside to get some mud boots. Kansas has finally gotten several inches of rain (right in the middle ...

Today marks an official 7 years together after months of “dating” & ignoring each

Besides attending classes to learn to create better content and besides meeting with different ...

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Warren 💗 We had the best time

Had I worn my pink dress, I would not have been twinning with Kilee! Look at her edgy twist on a black lace dress!

As the years go on, it's easy to overlook just how valuable our spouses are

This picture is old, but I repeated this outfit for my flight, except I used my cognac tote and brought my grey moto jacket. I typically travel in jeans ...

Me hanging out of the window looking at the waves!

St. Nicholas Refusing His Mother's Milk” is the title. The artist isn't known. ” This makes the act of leaving milk out for St. Nick just a liiiiiitle bit ...

"The One who wore our sin and shame Now robed in majesty The radiance of

So there I stood, flag in one hand and phone in the other, desperately hoping that I won't drop the device in the muck, staring down the cattle as they ...

God is in the business of bringing dead things back to life. There is always

So those were the pics I got, the last 1 mummy took of me looking at the rainbow.

These are some of the ladies I really enjoyed hanging out with. They were down to earth and easy to get to know. From L to R: More Pieces of Me, (me), ...

Ask The Audience – How to Entertain Toddlers

So my General Conference project is going pretty well. Below are some of the quotes/phrases/personal thoughts that stoodout for me through t.

Reversible Tote

So we're on our way to the other farm to drop the cattle off and load some more to bring back here. Why, exactly? Um, ask the guys.

Scott and I had a few more dates before arriving back to Drake in the fall to start our sophomore year. When we got back to school, we continued to spend ...

Too beautiful not the share ✨👣 Tonight, we hit the beach with a bag

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Zero Blog Thirty

It's crazy how our lives have changed over the past 5 years

Had I worn my pink dress, I would not have been twinning with Kilee! Look at her edgy twist on a black lace dress!

So those were the pics I got, the last 1 mummy took of me looking at the rainbow.

All in all, it's an ok relatively easy recipe but I will be trying other baked oatmeal recipes before I do this one again.

Got me walking on water 👣 Resort photoshoot for the stunning @littlepolynesian🌴 It was

[ IMG]

Here's what we come to understand about Clementine: she may be the Curious George of chapter books, igniting chaos at every turn, but it's only because she ...

A scary story doesn't find a receptive audience—doesn't work—unless our children are allowed a chance to recover some agency while reading it (the ...

A very special ring for a very special person. The receiver of this ring is


And on top of that, our mortgage company forgot to lock in our very great interest rate when we applied for the loan...and it ended up going up .25% (booo!)

... 2. NEW EPISODE ALERT . . i had never

My parents will vouch for me on that one. I've always been sneaky, and I often let my curiosity get the best of me. So when Scott started not-so-subtly ...

So I recorded and re-uploaded the MLG Columbus Finals matches along with the All-Stars match to YouTube in 1080p60fps with the PGL/Cluj Napoca viewmodel and ...

Hands down, my favorite non-Clementine character is her father. As facilities manager for the apartment building where the family lives in the basement, ...

Every enemy has its own way to be killed. You can't harm the hydra by hitting it on its scales. Each head of the Chimera has a special way to be killed.

To celebrate we are holding an official launch across a number of our Brisbane based events this Saturday where participants will receive the new B2B water ...

May need to tweak it to make it just a liiiiiitle bit more appropriate Romeo and Juliet lol …. May need to tweak it to make it ...


United we Stand - A call to Shantae-Fans (Rant!

Just a liiiiiitle bit of a cooler blonde than I've had before.

The Dragon and the Arisen are bound together: the Dragon must look for the Arisen, eat his/her/their heart, and the Arisen needs to recover the heart from ...

The Exploration

The Longest Blog Post Ever... Stuff, Pics, Freebie, Giveaways, and a Gerbil!

After taking only about 20000 photos, we finally left for our next stop - Taejongdae Resort Park!!! Was also really excited to go to this place because of ...

With Locket you can focus on and the highlight the key moments from each passing month. which has been awesome for me to really pick and choose a few ...

Alli | The SSR Podcast @ssrpod Instagram photos and videos • stalkdear.com

In Bob, a chapter book my daughter and I finished in two days (being both short and deliciously addictive), there may not be any wish-granting fairies, ...

... something I'd never even heard of: lasagna soup! It was insanely good. She even brought over her angel-baby. (read: another one of my perfect students) ...

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24 Reasons Norm The Pug Is The Coolest Pug You Will Ever Meet In Your Life

In case you haven't gathered the fact, he's the laziest calf you've ever seen. Plus, he's potbellied, which adds to the effect.

If you're against abortion, repost this

Trace is such a humble servant of the Lord. He leads our home with grace

You can recruit your Friend's pawns to work with you. My wife made Anders. But as I have just started the game in the PS4, I haven't had a chance to sync ...

I am part of the Timewyse Locket blogger program with Influence Central and I received special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.

Zero Blog Thirty

I remember a friend telling me she abandoned the first book after Clementine chops off her friend's hair, then her own, then colors both scalps with ...

The King 2hearts

Ada Twist, Scientist

City Sunrise

Image Image

I'm guessing that's Victoria Grace (Yara) between Neil and Halley.

Editorial Illustrations: Part VI

(That is, IF I could find a dress at a decent price.) There aren't many opps in my life to go for it like this!

Vicki Wright - I just completed my very first North Lakes parkrun last Saturday and at 64 finished at the back of the field. There were 2 other people in my ...

literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life (

The first two releases were Jesus My Bae (Which came in Black and Pink) and our Christmas Special, Angels aka Do Not Be Afraid.

This was probably my month with the highest mileage EVER. I say probably because I am too lazy to go check. Then I reply to myself, “what is the point of ...

didn't get enough books/book-related merch at #bookcon2019 yesterday (

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There's undeniable appeal in watching life play out from the safe confines of a book's pages. But I'd argue that the appeal of Clementine goes deeper than ...

You can recruit your Friend's pawns to work with you. My wife made Anders. But as I have just started the game in the PS4, I haven't had a chance to sync ...

윤선생매거진을 소개합니다

more incredibly exciting neil young news

Roaahahhhhhh that bit might have been a liiiiiitle bit scary… for the little boys Spotty & Lonney who came 2 but not for me.

It is really cramped and messy but it's really cozy and this place was filled with so much creativity from murals to little exhibitions.

constitution not crony pitch.jpg

Small businesses make this 4 big mistakes in terms of their web basic SEO structure,


And thus ends part one of my cattle adventure with Kordell! Tune in next week for part two, featuring Jarvis... ;)

Our next stop was Mission San Jose. This seems to be the really touristy one. It's been well restored such that there is a wall all the way around.

Granted opens with a question—“The last time you blew out your birthday candles, what did you wish for?”—and then, across 322 spell-binding pages, ...

See how she's not so tall, the broad shoulders, long arm, even broader hips? I chose that. Note how there's a height and weight trait, and it adjusts as you ...

Happy National Scavenger Hunt Day! Here at Mary Jane's House of Glass, we love


Yesterday, two different male friends reached out to me about sourcing cbd. They wanted to know what brand to buy, where to get it, and how to order it ...

Initial Necklace


CSB 015: Your Crunch-Baby is sealed behind a Metacritic Score Cage : TwoBestFriendsPlay

[Creepypasta]: What's your favorite season? by BleedingHeartworks on DeviantArt. And besides, this is too swell an overall picture of Jeff not to pin.