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Heres Why the Pluto Planet Debate Just Wont Die space3 Pluto

Heres Why the Pluto Planet Debate Just Wont Die space3 Pluto


Here's Why the Pluto Planet Debate Just Won't Die

Kepler has detected almost 5 Thousand planets here's painting of Kepler's search space : space


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Astronomy fact 30 of 42 - due to its size, Pluto's moon Charon is also considered to be a double dwarf planet (two planets orbiting each other), ...

Artist's conception of Earth's solar system

Conditions on Pluto: Incredibly hazy with flowing ice

Recent Discoveries are saying there might have an ocean at Pluto, buried beneath its frozen heart.

Here's ...

5D Astrology Report 2016: New Cosmos -New Operating System

In fact I would suggest that the twins were possibly 'inverting' Jupiter symbolism, just as the Elite have on Earth (see the Eagles above) so to use its ...

Artist's Depiction of Milky Way

If you observe the re-entry take note of your location, time and direction and inform ESA (so they can refine their monitoring of space debris) Update 2 Apr ...

The Perseid Meteor Shower is here! Until August the most impressive annual meteor shower is lighting up the sky! But what is a meteor exactly?

The warmth of a sun has long been thought to be a key ingredient to life

Messier 95 taken with our RCOS scope! This is a classical example of a barred spiral galaxy roughly light years across and

Photographic Print: Venus by Stocktrek Images : 16x16in Venus Pictures, Space Photography, Cosmos

Artist's concept of Mars as it may have looked billions of years ago with an atmosphere

Pluto 7/14/15 Pluto Planet, Science Nature, Science Space, Earth

The planet Mars showing showing Terra Meridiani is seen in an undated NASA image. (


Lost in Space - A Space Engine Film

Astronomers Discover Planet Identical To Earth With Orbital Space Mirror, The Onion. "

Galactic GPS: How dead stars will guide us in deep space

Ciel Nocturne, Andromeda Galaxy, Star Formation, Deep Space, Space Photos, Space


The video focuses on a 2016 clip from the International Space Station's live feed, showing

This is a false-colour image of light captured in the extreme ultraviolet (invisible) region of the spectrum, where much of the sun's light output is ...

"Cosmo" magazine

Part of that is a biological limitation. Our eyes only see a tiny window of the electromagnetic spectrum: from purple to red, the colors of the rainbow.

Pluto flyby stereo

The probe, called New Horizons, had been zooming toward the cold, mysterious dwarf planet at recording-breaking speeds ever since.

Robots Will Pave the Way to Mars


NASA Telescope Finds Planets Thrive Around Stellar Twins. "

3. Saudi camera Earthrise.jpg

Kepler's search space in the Milky Way, courtesy of NASA.


"We are fortunate enough to live on a planet that is ideal for the development of complex life," says New York University Biology Professor Michael Rampino.

Update 2 Jun 15: LightSail Team Prepares for Sail Deployment (maybe on 3rd June). Unfortunately it won't be visible from Sydney at dawn or dusk for the next ...

The Star-Sent Knaves, by Keith Laumer

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The smaller round object is Charon, Pluto's largest moon. New measurements completed by New Horizons confirmed Pluto's small stature — its diameter is just ...

Neptune 101

and given that assumption is now questioned... (Score:2)

Humanity took its first halting steps toward the Moon with the (mostly) successful launch of the first Apollo spacecraft into orbit on May 28, 1964.

Science AMA Series: We're planet hunters from NASA, Google AI, and The University of Texas, Austin. Ask us anything! : science

V is For Valentine… V838

Pluto Kuiper Express



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That's right, just like Luke Skywalker's home world of Tatooine, Kepler-16b orbits a pair of giant stars.

Best Science Fiction Books

... Telescope (NAOJ) and Robert Gendler; Processing - Robert Gendler Explanation: From our vantage point in the Milky Way Galaxy, we see NGC 6946 face-on.

The visions of other worlds afforded by the “All Star” October 1963 Fantasy and Science Fiction might not turn out to be pleasant, but they would at least ...

Orbital Spares: Iridium Already Replaced Destroyed Satellite

Exoplanets 101

Planetary Scientists and Astronomers Oppose New Planet Definition, Planetary Science Institute. "


NASA Rebranding: Research & Strategy (Student Project)

Click image for more on red planet

NASA is planning on sending the first woman ever and the first man in nearly five decades to the moon by 2024, thanks to an additional increase to the ...

If the innermost planet in the system is a ClassJ world, move it out one

Astronomers Detect MASSIVE "High Metallic" Object In Space 3/15/17

Cosmic Horror Story

Best Astronomy and Astrophysics Books

On June 14, Lt. Colonel Valery Bykosky zoomed into orbit atop the same type of rocket and in the same type of Vostok capsule that took his four predecessors ...

... media posts(NASA & non-NASA) across 21 different social media platforms using one or more of the following keywords between July 13-17, 2015: Pluto, ...

How Cold is Space?

Here is a map where there are the different Big Spaces which we have started to deal with approximately, in a practical sense.

here's a messy sketch of

Larger image: http://blogs.nasa.gov/ldsd/wp-content/uploads/sites/248/2015/05/Unknown.jpeg

The hottest planet found to date, KELT-9b.

Oh my god The Horror

pluto. Love the story, the technological-romance about about a recently revealed faraway object, stone cold in outer space, 3 billion miles away from planet ...

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Path of Sun Around the Milky Way

Our galaxy is rich in Earth-sized planets, CNN. "

The Integrated Immune investigation


Photo taken by the Apollo 11 mission on July 16, 1969. (Via Getty Images)

Any student can get involved, regardless of major. If you have no scientific/technical skills, you could, for example, help on the PR side.

It is surrounded by a planetary nebula called NGC 2440 (photograph taken by the Hubble space telescope).

... of a statistics collector, GAMMA garners a strong, but not noteworthy, score of 3.4 stars. Taken as a whole, however, this is a stunning first issue.