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Hairstylists Spill Their Most Disgusting Horror Stories While people

Hairstylists Spill Their Most Disgusting Horror Stories While people


Hairstylists Spill Their Most Disgusting Horror Stories While people in the hair and beauty industry might

Hairstylists Spill Their Most Disgusting Horror Stories

I had a young man come in with his mother. He was about 8 years old and had tight curly hair. His mother ask me to shave down to a 00000 that ...

My husband is a barber, one day he had a guy come in with dreads, wanting them all shaved off. He parted his dreads, looked at his scalp and noticed it was ...

My wife's a stylist for a major chain, and more dudes j**k off under the cape than you would imagine.

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Hairstylists Spill Their Most Disgusting Horror Stories

Here you can see tattoo fails around the world.. people are awesome.

Hairdressing is often described as “recession-proof” because it is one of the

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Eimear Byrne O'Connell owns the hair salon and decided to offer the complimentary blow dries to victims of Ophelia (Image: Facebook: Elaine Byrne O'Connell)

Photo of Suite Extensions Salon - Philadelphia, PA, United States. Top portion of

Alligator visits Florida hair salon: 'Girls, get inside and lock the door!'

Mary's Hair &

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She thought it was a very bad idea for a 11 year old and told me that I would regret it if I went ...

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The heat setting for sealing in the keratin is especially high.

Photo of Salon Bobbi and Guy - Honolulu, HI, United States. Located in

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Rebecca Wright and Sarah Fishwick's State Registered Senior Barber certificates

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What, this? Just my new look.

Photo of Suite Extensions Salon - Philadelphia, PA, United States.

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EXCELSIOR! photo HibbsB_zpsvpcxcwpl.jpg

Owner of BEX Barbers, Rebecca Wright

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He jostles them on purpose, spills coffee all over them and when Ally protests, he yells, "Enjoy your latte, bitch!"

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