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George Takei makes it okay Things that make me laugh Motos

George Takei makes it okay Things that make me laugh Motos


This Is Why George Takei Rules. Find this Pin and more on Things that make me laugh ...

I am gay, admits Star Trek's Mr Sulu

I was reading this great interview with George Takei recently, and laughed out loud when I got to this question: “”What is the lowest depth of misery?

George Takei

Star Trek Beyond: George Takei Responds to Sulu's LGBT Status. "

George Takei cleverly tore through Trump's address to Congress using the power of tweets

April Sulu: George Takei Jokes He'll Run Against Devin Nunes. “

It's better to boldly go: Star Trek actor George Takei

George Takei by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg

George Takei


Star Trek's George Takei accused of sexually assaulting former model, says he is bewildered by the claim

Star Trek star William Shatner calls George Takei a 'disturbed individual', discusses new Foxtel ad campaign

Yeah....what she said!

George Takei, left, and his partner Brad Altman sign documents as they get their

Edith Keeler - Captain James T Kirk - City at the edge of forever Star Trek

You could move Transgender, Van Buren, Lgbt Rights, Human Rights, Equal Rights

Takei as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu

Grab The Popcorn: George Takei Reading 50 Shades of Gray. This is the hottest thing I've ...

George Takei

George Takei. VivianeSherlock Phone CaseMerlinMakes Me LaughLaugh ...

More ideas

George Takei Picture · Trailer

Found this one browsing Reddit. LOVE it. Make Me Smile, Spinning, Best

Star Trek Series, Star Trek Tv, Star Trek Original Series, Star Wars,

George Takei guest stars as Mr. Moto (pictured) in A Debt of Honor – an episode in which, 'Pam makes a deal ...

George Takei at Heart Mountain

Having a laugh: Simon Pegg pulled a prank on fans

Some celebrities in archer

George Takei Has High Praise For Glaad As He Accepts Top Gay Rights Prize

CNS News Archive

Stephen Colbert's Colbert Report alter ego returns for Obama's last day

A handsome boy ...

William Shatner is the face of Foxtel's new marketing campaign.

George Takei

George Takei Lived to See The Day

Allegiance: George Takei Shares His WWII Internment Tale

George Takei

George Takei: Twilight is the common enemy of Star Wars and Star Trek fans

Local Motors

Kazuhiro Hono | Ph.D. | National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba | NIMS | Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic Materials


Ann Burroughs, left, with Ten-Year Service Pin recipients Terri Kishimoto, Carol Miyahira, Grace Yamamura, and Mas Yamashita. Ken Hamamura joins them on the ...

Elisa Perez is a member of the Eastside Moto Babes, a club of female motorcycle

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Daveed Diggs plays a love interest, plus 4 more season 3 revelations

NRA TV depicts Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends characters as KKK members

Politics and its Discontents


'Archer Vice' episode 3 GIFs and best lines: George Takei returns with the Yakuza

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... and the producers decided to make Tom Paris "very similar to Locarno, but different because they didn't want him to carry any baggage."

William Shatner

Chris Pine pays tribute to Star Trek Beyond co-star Anton Yelchin | London Evening Standard

Simon Pegg Defends Decision to Reveal Sulu As Gay in Star Trek Beyond. "

Off-Ramp® | Audio: Meet the women of one of LA's only all-female motorcycle clubs | 89.3 KPCC

Takei at the Chicago Pride Parade in 2006

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Captain Kirk takes command of high-tech US navy warship

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(left to right) Takei, Archie Comics publicity director Steven Scott, and Takei's husband Brad Altman at Midtown Comics in New York.

Sir, you have nailed it againpic.twitter.com/vurroGFHB9

E.W. Jackson in Lynchburg

George Takei coming to Edmonton Comic and Entertainment …

Mark and Dougie got through to the final two by supporting each other

There wasn't a sound to be heard, though, as Urban answered a fan question about Anton Yelchin. "He was the smartest guy in the room, but you'd never know ...

In 2009, he sued Paramount and CBS for what he claimed to be unpaid residuals for “The ...

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Actors and cast in 1991 film Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country (l-r)

Yokohama Guide for Rugby Fans. We've made ...

Jason Sudeikis stars as David Clark, a hapless drug dealer tasked with performing a drug smuggling job, or else he'll most likely be killed by a wildly rich ...

Anna Logan is a member of the Eastside Moto Babes. She bought her vintage 1976

Negotiating is fun, though. Source: http://bit.ly/

Review: Larry Crowne

Sculptor ...

San Francisco Bay Times - December 15, ...

Walker's proposed welfare reforms are an exciting example for the rest of the country

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Homemade Star Wars speeder bikes turn heads on streets of NYC Homemade Star Wars speeder bikes turn heads on streets of NYC | SYFY WIRE

Grown-ups choose to ignore the inner and outer magical energies (some nice and some not-so-nice) that are the subtle motors of the Universe.

Judd Apatow backs Georgia movie-making boycott over controversial abortion bill

Christopher Plummer had worked with Shatner in radio plays and requested a more human look for

Maria Delgado gets ready to ride with the Eastside Moto Babes on a 2013 Brutale 675

Minions, emojis and 'Frozen' get the animation motors running

Walter Koenig, William Shatner and George Takei in Star Trek

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'Archer' Swaps Spying for Drug Dealing, But Remains a Dysfunctional Workplace Comedy at Heart. '

'The villain in that film [Wreck-It Ralph] is called King Candy, and he is very conspicuously effeminate,' says Thorpe.

Howie Mandel Shutterstock

Alex Mustakas | How This Entrepreneur Became one of Canada's Greatest Arts Success Stories

Vacation Rhythms. We picked the right spot on the island by staying near the charming fishing village of Naoussa. We stayed (mostly just slept, ...

Takei in September 2012

Renee Pallante

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