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Free diving the rocky depths freedive freediving depths

Free diving the rocky depths freedive freediving depths


Free diver making air bubbles ring deep underwater

Free divers have long defied science – and we still don't really understand how they go so deep

Free divers ascend from the depth. Free immersion discipline of freediving


Nery pays homage to the Christ of the Abyss statue


Freediving: Is it an art or a sport?

Flying descent

Stig Pryds -deepest P.O.V. freedive in Dean's Blue Hole



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Fewer still are able to dive into the endless depths of the oceans with serene ease. With claustrophobic-induced attacks and blackouts being ...

Free diver performing warm up dive - static apnea on the depth

Free divers have long defied science – and we still don't really understand how they go so deep

French free diver jumped into Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Guillame Néry is seen

Risking his life: Venezuelan Carlos Coste swam through the rocky passage at a depth of


The oil rig is a magnet for fish

A freediver at the Blue Hole, a 120-metre-deep sinkhole near Dahab

Vintage Diving Mask

Amazing Videos:World Champion Free Diver Free Falls into Blue Hole

The Women at the Bottom of the Ocean

PADI freediver course in Koh Tao Thailand

Freediver Descends to a Depth, Vidéos de stock (100 % libres de droit) 8493307 | Shutterstock

#2 – Daan Verhoeven – Capturing the Deep

PURE adventure: Discovering freediving!


I caught the freediving bug, without knowing it, when I was a newly certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor working in Hawaii.

For more 1,000 years the Bajau have collected food by free diving with spears.


Diving with sevengill sharks in San Diego.

The freediver moves underwater near the coral reef at the depth of Blue Hole. Read Sea, Egypt.

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253.2 meters (831 feet) is the deepest free dive made by Austrian Herbert Nitsch

William Truebridge has set a record free dive. 16072028a

Photo: Stephen Keenan's Instagram


Free diving the rocky depths. #freedive #freediving

FreeDive HQ

Freediver doing a duck dive along a rock cliff Royalty-free stock video


We Are Freedivers Startup Guide To Freediving Mitchell Scanlan-Bloor, seaweed, chasm,

freediving training in dahab

Best Freediving Watch can be used for scuba and spearfishing too

Underwater football[edit]

Free-diving with Tanya Streeter: The Big Blue experience

Freediving | with Trainer Y-40® SHARE

This isn't an article discouraging Freedive Spearfishing, rather a separation of competitive freediving/freedive training and spearfishing.

VLOG 6 | 82m CWT | RV / FRC Diving for Depth Adaptation. Freedive Passion

Freediving in Dubai

Freedive HQ · freediving ...


Most trusted man in freediving drowns after rescuing friend in 26-metre underwater tunnel

Explore your limits, try Free Diving!

Best Freediving-Spearfishing Watches of 2019

Rising from the depths - Freediving the Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Photo taken on one breath by Christina Saenz de Santamaria.

Freediver. Image by Greg McFall / NOAA's National Ocean Service CC BY 2.0

Freediving /ˈfrēˌdīving/ · noun. The sport or activity of diving underwater without the use of a breathing apparatus, especially in deep water.

Inside the Perilous, Marvelous World of Competitive Free Diving

The rock walls became more fractured and soon opened up into deep gullies and the entrance of caves appeared from the deeper parts. Shoals of whitebait were ...

Maximum depth for this level is 24m. It also should be mentioned that to apply for Advanced Freediver you must get EFR first. That is also simply explained ...

A freediver descends deeper

3. Herbert Nitsch, 172m, October 2005

BlogSafetytraining tips Diver doing freediving in variable weight

Ultimate Underwater Challenge: Into the deep blue, Learning to Freedive in Dahab, Egypt

Suzanne Lim attempts a dive supervised by safety divers. Photos: Helene Franchineau

Gozo is one of Europes best freediving locations. It offers deep water within a stones throw of the shore, often reaching to over 40m deep within the same ...

Learning to free dive in the Philippines with Palawan Divers

Two freedivers have fun

Discover Freediving Koh Samui

The freediver descends and ascends under water using only his own muscle strenght, without the use of propulsion equipment and without pulling on the rope.

The diver should be perfectly weighted for the conditions and depth. This stage of the Freedive is the free fall. The finning has stopped as the Freediver ...

WEP 2015: Freediver Guillaume Néry on pushing human limits under water

Freedivers are breathing easy. Singapore's Jonathan Chong (second from right) competing in the men's dynamic with fins event

Learn to Freedive in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Underwater view of female free diver moving up towards sun rays, New Providence, Bahamas

Breathtaking defiance of ocean depths

PADI Advanced Freediver

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Freediving - Apnea. Take your snorkeling to new depths ...

A Korean Haenyeo diving in the sea collecting shellfish

Getting into spearfishing - A beginner's guide

... to the bottom with a depth of 663 feet.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #bahamas #longislandbahamas #deansbluehole #freediving #freedive #girlsthatfreedive #divelife #dive ...