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Domes and Homes domesandhomes on t

Domes and Homes domesandhomes on t



Tiny House is a Super Efficient Monolithic Dome

Harrisonville Dome — Even though the O'Dells downsized from 2000 to 1200 square feet

“He ...

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Dome Homes - Earthquake and Hurricane Proof - Energy Efficient

Why Dome Homes?

Cape Romano's dome homes off the shore on Dec.


Monolithic® Office – Italy, Texas

DomeGaia AirCrete home

Vintage photographs ...

Neighbors aren't fans of Geodesic Dome homes in Detroit's Mexicantown

The Disappearing Dome — This a Monolithic Dome with a diameter of 55 feet and three

Dome House Pink Polystyrene Japan photo


... Prefab Florida Dome House Kit 48ft linked to 40ft garage dome ...

Prefab Dome Home


Home for sale in North Myrtle Beach SC

dome house exterior michael jantzen architecture

Ai Dome in Hot or Cold Climates

With 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a den, you couldn't ask for much more for only $6500

Monolithic dome

Monolithic Dome Homes

Home for sale in Ojai California

... dome home kitchen Three 22ft-Ai-Tiny-Homes ...

Pool covers

Graffiti marks a good portion of the dome home off

Amazing And Modern Geodesic Dome Homes have all kinds of interiors and exterior materials. I like the fireplace of what looks like flagstones but I don't ...

Dome on Shoe Lake


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Yumadome — A Multigenerational Monolithic Dome Home

Photo of 1113 W Tecumseh Pl, Tulsa, OK 74127. House for Sale

Dome Shelter, HI

Taking a tour of the famous Grotto Dome house on Spiller Lane isn't like seeing Austin's other beautiful homes with mid-century modern furnishings.

View full sizeJohn CooperA four-level steel-reinforced concrete Monolithic Dome house in Yachats shows that these structures don't have to be small.

Dome Homes, Marco Island, Florida - The Cape Romano Dome House is an abandoned

By talking to many current and prospective dome homeowners we found that most people don't want to (or can't) build their own home. Also, many existing dome ...

So, three years later, when flames crept perilously close to her historic Catskills lodge, she had had enough. “I love old houses ...

colorado-living-dome-1--pretty cool, but I don't think I could take the uninsulated fragile (relatively speaking) fabric/tent skin covering.

Ridgeback Glamping Dome

The Cape Romano domes, two of which have recently submerged,

With dome homes, you maximize the space and minimize the materials. Because of the framework, interior supports aren't needed. And less surface area means ...

Coachella 120ft Projection Dome

Geodesic Dome Homes

Cape Romano Dome House

Dome Myths and Other Dome Stories from the 1970's Put to Rest

The Geodesic Dome House

Why Can't This Rotating Dome Home Find a Buyer?; Wi-Fi Hot Spots Take Shape

The all-season dome home is designed for both the sweltering desert heat and frigid cold. 3_foldable dome homes

Cape Romano

The Dome Houses of Cape Romano

"Eye of the Storm"

Foam Dome Homes as a Roof


Balloon-Like Dome Houses Can Withstand Fires And Earthquakes, Start At Just $3,500

This is pretty radical: An eco-friendly dome house concept that doesn't even mention Buckminster Fuller's name. Available in Japan for prices starting at ...

Dome Homes, Marco Island, Florida - The Dome Homes used to be a fancy

Don't go for the dome houses - Cape Romano

These Russian dome homes aren't threatened by even a large amount of snowfall.

Why is the Monolithic Dome “Green?

Monolithic dome homes (Photo courtesy of Dome Living)

40' Studio Container w/ Surrounding Wood Features – SimpleTerra - #1 Provider of Alternative Living Solutions

Dome houses

Top 40+ Geodesic Dome Home Ideas 2018

According to Japan Dome House — the manufacturer of modular homes — these buildings are not expensive. The total cost of constructing this type of ...

During our quest, I did a lot of research on Dome Homes. And it turns out that they aren't just strange looking homes. They are one of the “Greenest” ...

Bubble Houses

Similar Homes. 287 W Teapot Dome Ave #C, Porterville, CA 93257

Straw bale dome home in France made with pallet wood.

48ft AiDome - New Mexico. 48ft dome ...

... large kitchen, classical columns, arches, etc…one of the largest and finest dome homes in the world. This dome was part of a five dome project.

Monolithic Homes: New Developments


Proof that dome homes don't have to look stupid - they just generally do. This beaut is for sale at 12,000 Canadian. Tempted to move to BC!

Dome House Biodome Ceti http://www.biodomes.eu Partial Glass Dome Homes - The sustainable dome homes of the futurepic.twitter.com/IhfyOb8XkM


Geodesic Dome Homes by Renae Jensen

Foam Doam Homes

Underground Dome Homes

Click Here to See Domes Featured in Our Spring 2019 Tour

Don't miss this Unique Home with a Bucky Fuller Geodesic Dome

Lexa Dome Homes Ltd.

We also offer maintenance, roofing services, or any major renovation of existing dome homes, as well as retrofit existing domes for cupolas.

... that didn't suffer any damage was Kyushu's Village Zone, a housing complex made up of 480 closely-packed dome-shaped houses built by Japan Dome House.

Graduate From Legos To Dome Homes

dome houses on cape romano with birds on dome ...

There is the question of cost-effectiveness, however, as tiny homes don't always equal major savings, and the dome home is not uber cheap.

Disaster Resistant. Monolithic Domes ...

Eco Dome