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Different projects will require different types of wood Some woods

Different projects will require different types of wood Some woods


Different projects will require different types of wood. Some woods are better for certain projects


Cedar is one of the most aromatic woods (hence, the cedar chest) and

Select the appropriate kind of wood for your projects. Not all woods are equal.

Color – Lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Sapwood is pale yellow-gray to nearly white.

Some woods are better for certain projects than others are. Take the time to learn about different types of wood and the qualities each ...

In a modern computer driven saw mill a softwood log will be processed in many different ways to maximise the yield from the log.

Color – Heartwood is golden or medium brown and darkens with age.

Your Guide to the Different Types of Wood Flooring

Choose the correct wood for your project. Some woods are better for certain projects than others are. If you don't know how each wood type reacts to what ...

Learn How to Identify the Different Types of Pallet Wood!

Select an appropriate sort of wood for each project. Some woods are fragile and will break upon exertion. If you're not sure how each type will react, ...

Uses: Walnut is used in all types of fine cabinet work, especially 1 8th century reproductions.

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Confirm it is actually solid wood.

Composite woods is similar to traditional plywood in terms of sizes but have regular wood layers

Select an appropriate sort of wood for each project. Some woods are not as strong


This wood comes from a unique, beautiful looking tree that grows mostly in Zimbabwe. It's hard to secure a great deal of Pink Ivory wood at any one time, ...

Along with Hickory and Oak, Ash is one of the most commonly used utility woods in the US. It's..

Decking includes floor boards, railing, balusters and posts in either composite or treated lumber. Composite decking (pictured) is manufactured from wood by ...

#woodworkingdiytips Use the right wood for your project. Some woods are better for certain

Denver Hardwoods Resource!

Pine is one of the more common softwoods. They grow really fast, which makes replenishing this wood easy compared to other types. For that reason furniture ...

We Like to Make It Easy On You

We carry the following native hardwoods and other common wood species in stock for your project needs:

Woods that stain well. Wood reacts differently to certain ...

How to Make a Simple & Beautiful Hardwood Cutting Board

Poplar's are some of the tallest hardwood trees in North America. While it is a hardwood, poplar is generally used for cabinet doors and other pieces that ...

It is fragrant and close grained. It is hard to work and takes high polish. Used in musical instruments, piano cases, tool handles, art projects, ...

Different types of wood oil

This end table by Richard Slosky demonstrates one way to attach a table top while allowing it to be able to expand and contract with changes in moisture ...

It has a moderate nail and screw holding ability. It also has a reputation for termite resistance. However, outdoor uses require good finishing for avoiding ...

The Problem:

Chances are, you've seen this wood in different types of furniture. The wood itself is a dark, rich chocolate brown or black color that is striking to look ...

That is exactly why we as a woodworking company have chosen to go with Mahogany because it is our preferable type of wood that gives the finest and most ...

how to lime wood: limed wood doors opening to a garden room

Historically, the durability of a Tappan Chair has come not only from the woods chosen in its build but also from their pairing: a slower-drying wood, ...

Hickory Wood Cabinets

For the beginner it can be tempting to immediately invest in a good looking type of wood, but you have a few things you my want to consider when choosing ...

Before beginning any staining project, test the stain in an inconspicuous location. Different types of woods absorb stains differently and can change the ...

Some wood working projects are really very complicated and they require special materials, tools and wood for creating different furniture.

Pine is commonly used in furniture because it's easy to shape and stain.

solid hardwood flooring reviews

5 Types of Wood Glue How to Use Them and How to Choose the Right One

How to lime wood: everything you need to get that white wash effect | Real Homes

A man's hand points out serious termite damage to a wooden floor.

Modular Office Furniture Pune

Closeup of the gnarled wood in a tree trunk.

How to Make a Wooden Chopping Board and Serving Tray

The Differences in Woods, Forests & Jungles

Learn about the various woods that our toys are made of

Stacks of different types of plywood

They are stained golden brown from Duraseal and I was thinking a similar color from Miniwax but I know different types of wood take stain differently…

3D rendering of parquet strips in different types of woods

Different types of wood

Types of Woods for Indoor and Outdoor Projects

What Kind of Finish Should You Use? | WOOD FINISHING BASICS

... perfect wood is the most important and the main task prior to starting on a wood work. You can not turn over the task of selecting on any other person ...

Lightweight Wood Projects

Wood Decking Materials

“Granadillo” is the common name most frequently applied to the quality hardwood that comes from several species within the Platymiscium genus.

Different Types of Wood for Burning

Color – Heartwood is light to medium brown, usually with red streaks. Sapwood is yellow.

The Economic Answer: Pressure-Treated Lumber

Tips on Staining Wood

Fire by Friction Key Elements

Contemporary Kitchen by Sawyer Berson and Sawyer Berson in Southampton NY

Photo by David R. Foster


The finished article is a great place for customers to browse

But I hope this is helpful. I think each wood species looked great with some stains and subpar with others.

Boards include a broad category of products used for light construction, crafts, woodworking projects, cabinetry, furniture, shelving, internal joinery and ...

Ipe Wood & Decking

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Exotic and Domestic Woods

example of wood stain that you can paint over

You wouldn't get very far with a woodworking project without some type of joint. Pieces of wood need to be attached in order to create a single finished ...

Other wood products

How to Mix Wood Finishes