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Daily Afternoon Funny Picdump 194 31 Photos Lnyos idzetek

Daily Afternoon Funny Picdump 194 31 Photos Lnyos idzetek


Sure Florida wants to survive the hurricane, but they'd rather die than eat clam chowder.

My life... Lol

Sometimes I think, 'Screw this... I'll just be a stripper!' Then I remember I'm fat... and can't dance. | Funny Stuff | Funny, Funny jokes, Funny Quotes

kɑıℓıƗʘʘkuƗe •

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Getting ready to go out funny quotes quote funny quotes humor

Isn't that what everyone does?

Daily Afternoon Funny Picdump 194 (31 Photos)

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My two older sisters are just like this with me ..sometimes they can get me mad and sometimes we'll there like this.

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Jealous bitches always be talking shit about me. Lol. I have 1or two close female friends cuz idk... bitches be crazy i guess!!!

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You Will Probably Laugh For Hours Once We Show What Its Like To Be A Modern…

Pretty much! I don't have to sacrifice my body, my wallet, my time, my sanity, my freedom.

"You can't understand prequel memes without subtitles." *showing this picture*

#Humor | Funny Stuff | Funny, Tech humor, Funny pictures

People say im short maybe there just overly tall!! :p I Love To

My mom always gets mad at me for doing this, but then I smile showing her my perfect teeth | #Relatable | Tumblr funny, Funny, Funny posts

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Lustige Bilder, Sprüche, Witze, echt lustig | art | Beer humor, Beer bar und Beer art

The creativity and love makes me want to cry! I so

I want to sleep but my brain won't stop talking to itself. life quotes funny quotes cartoons garfield | Cute and fuuny | Garfield quotes, Funny quotes about ...

poetry at unexpected places pt. 37 by noor unnahar // words quotes writing indie


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Community Post: 10 Struggles Of Being A Short Girl

Lustige Bilder, Sprüche, Witze, echt lustig | humor | Funny, Funny jokes und Funny pictu…

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Cool, überdachte Parkplätze! | Webfail - Fail Bilder und Fail Videos


Fryda .

Ethan is me af

Besten Bilder, Videos und Sprüche und es kommen täglich neue lustige Facebook Bilder auf DEBESTE.DE. Hier werden täglich Witze und Sprüche gepostet!


It's almost never, ever overrated Funny Posters, Funny Cartoons, Funny Jokes

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