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Cute Green Dig Walk Dog Funny Dog Pet Lead Zazzlecom pet

Cute Green Dig Walk Dog Funny Dog Pet Lead Zazzlecom pet


Dogs Dig Car Ride Funny Dog Driving Car Pet Lead

Mellow Yellow Dog Collar #yellowdogsupply

Red White and Black Chaos Pet Collar

Dog Walking Quotes. QuotesGram

The competition will be tough, but that's not stopping this pup from trying out for the bunny gig this Sunday!

Dog Walking Cheat Sheet: 6 Tips to a Better Walk

Here are some great natural dog chews! #naturaler #naturaldogtreats #naturaldogchews Natural Dog

How To Start a Dog Walking Business, Like Now!

How To Stop If Your Dog Is Pulling On Leash

Newfoundland in Silhouette 1.5" Satin Ribbon Newfoundland, Dog Art, Dog Bowls, Pet

Why don't you have a Male Husky? Fan Friday 121. Gone to the Snow Dogs

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What should you charge for a dog walking service? Service Dog Training, Service Dogs

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Words to describe her include, “energetic, sweet, exuberant, loving, boisterous, cute, unrelenting, playful, ...


Remington loves digging in the gardens at Grandma and Grandpa's house.View Postshared via WordPress.com

well minded's silly state law saturday: south carolina. state image source: zazzle.

Now, since the weather is so beastly hot already here – and it's not even officially summer yet – I let Amber out and she comes back sopping wet.

Summer Fun Photographed by Anette Andersson

Dog Meets Baby Bunny And Decides To Keep Him Forever (VIDEO) #dog #baby #bunny #forever

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When Your Dog Chomps on Plants In Your Lawn and Garden


Modern Dog Summer 2009

Is this the perfect dog walking outfit on a cold winter day?

When Your Dog Just Doesn't Want to Stop Running

Mervi pup

Here's the story from what I heard from my mom. She was at a horse show (I will share horse show pictures later), watching my human sister compete, ...

We put lots of shy dogs with him, or aggressive dogs ,and he seems to soothe them all.

Modern Cat Fall/Winter 2013

And, do NOT put your hand/fist in their face for


Ewa Karllson

Wordless Wednesday

Oscar the Grouch


Dog Always Thirsty? How Much Water Is Too Much?

Since our last update on January 31 st, the following dogs were adopted; MINDY!!!!!!, Trendy, Van, Gail, Blitz, Pietra (again), Liberty, Mya, Eddie, Tilly, ...

Modern Dog Winter 2008

At Akuna Pets we don't offer specific training programs but we do understand how important dog manners are and as such follow basic rules of training such ...

... waiting as I find my jacket and I am herded out to the front yard, accompanied also by Molly, our schnauzer/cocker spaniel extremely fuzzy white dog.


At Akuna Pets we don't offer specific training programs but we do understand how important dog manners are and as such follow basic rules of training such ...

Heatstroke can be deadly for dogs. Keep your dog safe by observe their behavior in hot weather and watching closely for these signs.

Photo Courtesy of Henny van den Berg (The Netherlands)

I will finish this bone before I meet my maker


Photo: Arizona Humane Society

I just took this picture of Abby, one of two cats who love this dog bed, too. Abby takes great joy in spreading out as much as possible so that neither ...

Phoenix Dog Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 Issue


"Tucker" lure coursing

Border Collies are known as the workaholics of the dog world.

Hound Dog Wallet Cool Hunting Dog Art Wallet Gifts



Federal police officer shot dog in Arundel park


#Cairnterrier #Remu #trimmad #vårpäls #tack A-K 🐕 ❤ 😘


Photo: Arizona Humane Society



Wordless Wednesday

Brodie came in and we couldn't get enough of that tongue! 👅😋

It also tests handler control of the dog, an essential part of hunting. Many earthdog handlers feel this is the most difficult title to earn.

... publishing is all rainbows and butterflies. ('Cause I'm just so darn nice all the time.) But think again. Sometimes it's barbed wire and snarling dogs.


Photo: Arizona Humane Society

... 10-pandadog.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x1073 pixels) - Scaled (83%) ...

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Becky created this for us where you can buy stamps that say Petsalive.com on the bottom and feature the animals of Pets Alive.

Camp3 "


The lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions WINTER 2009/10. DIY Pet Projects Healthy biscuit


Jungle Jim's Animal Portraits; Waiting on a Friend

from kate's home: a different kind of design

Me: Zoey, stop sticking your tongue out at me. Zoey: NOPE.

Almost as good as riding in a car!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mike Hodgens newest Breed


Photo: Arizona Humane Society

There is a lot to be said for adopting a senior dog (or 2!

Komondor dog and fringe hat

Wordless Wednesday

Wag the Dog



We also took in an elderly dog – Meeko. Meeko is eleven years old and has survived TWO owners. Her latest owner, an elderly man, just died and no one would ...