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Americans defend Venezuelas embassy in DC from takeover by coup

Americans defend Venezuelas embassy in DC from takeover by coup


Americans defend Venezuela's embassy in DC from takeover by coup forces

venezuela embassy dc protectors

Americans Defend Venezuela's Embassy In DC From Takeover By Coup Forces

'Trump Radicalized Me': US Activists Defend Venezuelan Embassy to Halt Takeover

Watch Americans defend Venezuela's embassy in DC from takeover by coup forces | The Grayzone

Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-Supported Coup

Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-supported Coup

Medea Benjamin and other members of the Embassy Protection Collective outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C.

Solidarity activists want to stop Venezuela's embassy in DC from being taken over by Guaido's people. (@Medeabenjamin)

Protestors demonstrating against supporters of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido hang signs outside the Venezuelan Embassy

Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-supported Coup

Collective protects Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C.

Mobilize to Protect the Venezuelan Embassy from Illegal Seizure

The Trump-orchestrated plan of creating a parallel government in Venezuela and then simply taking over diplomatic premises is totally illegal.

The Activists Quietly Struggling to Protect Venezuela's DC Embassy from a US-backed Coup

Activists continue to protect Venezuelan embassy in Washington D.C. from attempted takeover : Peoples Dispatch

Allies of Venezuela Defend Washington, DC Embassy | PopularResistance.Org

Guaidó's Supporters Attack Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC

Since the cutting off of electricity, food and water inside the embassy has not been enough to force the collective to leave, late Tuesday afternoon, ...

Credit: M. Saint Gomez / Diplomatic Times / Supporters of interim president Juan Guaidó demand that the pro-Maduro activists leave the Venezuela Embassy ...

The Embassy Protection Collective after a forum on Africom, April 15, 2019. From

Anya Parampil

The office of the military attache of Venezuela in Washington, DC was illegally taken over by the opposition with the aid of the U.S. government.

Activists in Venezuela's DC embassy brace for US-assisted Guaido takeover

'Dangerous and Appalling': US Defenders of Venezuelan Embassy Demand Secret Service End Illegal Water and Power Shutoff

Police evict and arrest activists in Venezuelan Embassy

Americans Intervene to Protect Venezuelan Embassy, Fearful of U.S. Takeover

A protester against regime change in Venezuela flashes a sign from inside the Venezuela Embassy in

Protesters clash outside of Venezuela's DC embassy over Guaidó-Maduro standoff

The remaining protesters inside the Venezuelan embassy

A photograph of Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez and a painting of Venezuelan independence hero Simon

Venezuela Embassy words words. Venezuela Embassy Defense


... food to Venezuela Embassy Protection Collective inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C. who are there to protect it from illegal takeover ...

Venezuelan Official Threatens to Cut Power to U.S. Embassy as Diplomatic Standoff Grows

dc venezuelan embassy opposition protesters

Embassy Protection Collective Activists Occupying the Venezuela Embassy in Washington, DC

US Activists Vow to Protect Venezuelan Embassy in DC From Guaido Takeover

CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin leads chant at the Venezuelan Embassy on 30th Street. Photo by Robert Devaney.

Despite Threats & No Electricity, Anti-Coup Activists Remain Inside Venezuelan Embassy in D.C. | Democracy Now!

Credit: M. Saint Gomez / Diplomatic Times / Venezuela's military defense attaché diplomatic mission located in the Kalorama section of Washington D.C.

USA: Pro-Guaido protesters gather outside Washington DC embassy occupied by Maduro supporters

Global Research

Arresting Member of the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective Would Be Unlawful

Meet the Activists Occupying Venezuela's Embassy in D.C. to Protest U.S.-Backed Attempted Coup

Venezuelan embassy complex in Washington heads for showdown amid tug-of-war

The Failed US backed coup in Venezuela. What's next? Erik Prince?

Anya Parampil

With diplomats gone, Venezuela embassy in Washington taken over by American activists supporting embattled President Nicolas Maduro

Photo by M. Saint Gomez / Diplomatic Times / Supporters of interim president Juan Guaidó demand that the pro-Maduro activists leave the Venezuela Embassy ...

Juan Guaido's ambassador to the U.S., Carlos Vecchio, raising a Venezuelan flag outside a

Two things stand out about the US coup in Venezuela. First, it is unusually open. Typically, the US tries to hide its coups. Second, the coup is built on a ...

American 'Embassy Protection Collective' intervene to protect Venezuelan Embassy in DC – Hawkins Bay Dispatch

The belligerent activities that are being taken against Venezuela's government are embarrassing. The United States declared a CIA-trained puppet Juan Guaido ...

Image ...

View from outside Venezuela's embassy in Washington DC. (Popular Resistance)

Activists Help Protect the Venezuelan Embassy in the United States – Orinoco Tribune

Washington venezuela embassy defender

Humanitarian Aid Blocked from Entering Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C.

Credit: M. Saint Gomez / Diplomatic Times / Supporters of Venezuela “interim president” Juan Guaidó rally in front of Venezuela Embassy in Washington D.C., ...

Who's Behind the Pro-Guaidó Crowd Besieging Venezuela's D.C. Embassy?

Code Pink's Medea Benjamin says she and others have no plans to

Anti-coup activists charged with 'interfering' in US raid on Venezuelan embassy

Venezuela Embassy protection collective defies unlawful 'no trespass' order

Codepink protecting the Venezuelan embassy at Washington DC, May 9, 2019.

The four activists inside the Venezuelan embassy in Washington look outside the window from a second

Deep State, Venezuelan Crisis, western hypocrisy

Photo form Sputnic: Police begin break in into Venezuela's embassy in Washington

U.S. and Canadian Peace Delegation organized by U.S. Peace Council in Venezuela, 2019.


US police raid Venezuelan embassy to evict pro-Maduro activists defending it from 'illegal

How an Elaborate Plan to Topple Venezuela's President Went Wrong

... “Eyes of Chavez” representing the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez' “piercing eyes” on the Latin American country's embassy in Washington D.C.

A protest outside the United States Consulate in Sydney on January 23 to demand no US intervention in Venezuela. Photo: Peter Boyle

Protest the Illegal Seizure of Venezuelan Embassy!

... program organised by their communal council in Las Heroinas sector of Merida City, as life continues despite the attempted coup (Prefectura de Zea)

Arresting Members of the Embassy ...

Supporters attend a forum on April 20 in the Venezuelan Embassy./Photo by John Zangas

Protest in support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. (Photo: Peoples Dispatch)

Venezuela's DC Embassy

'We Are Going To Take Over the Premises'. The situation at the Venezuelan Embassy ...

The door of the Venezuelan embassy.Courtesy of Medea Benjamin

embassy standoff

Capturesdfsfd 2023d. Activist embassy protectors were invited into Venezuela's Washington ...

The Embassy Protection Collective formed on April 10, the day after the Trump administration manipulated the Organization of American States (OAS) to change ...

Juan Guaido | Venezuela

Photo by Alex Rubinstein

U.S. Activists Defend Venezuelan Sovereignty: Inside Report From An Embassy Protector

50 Americans are living in Venezuela's D.C. embassy. Amid a standoff, Venezuelans say they want it back.

Humanitarian Aid Blocked from Entering Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C.

Protests expected at Venezuelan Embassy following ejection of last Maduro supporters