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Ahhh the ageold debate of whether or not a particular destination

Ahhh the ageold debate of whether or not a particular destination


Ahhh – the age-old debate of whether or not a particular destination is overrated

Ahhh – the age-old debate of whether or not a particular destination is overrated

Ahhh – the age-old debate of whether or not a particular destination is overrated

If you've never been to Bruce Peninsula National Park, this post is for

Follow our weird and wonderful journey through the Midwest & Southern states of America, all

SPENDING TWO DAYS IN SAN ANDRES: COLOMBIA | Oops I Booked Again - Travel Inspiration | Travel destinations beach, South america travel, Travel

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The islands of Tonga are beautiful, remote and the perfect place to travel with friends

You could easily spend two weeks on this magical island and still not see every single beautiful spot.

The islands of Tonga are beautiful, remote and the perfect place to travel with friends, family or your lover. That being said,… | South Pacific Travel in ...

Are you wondering what to pack for Hawaii? The good news is you won't need much on your Hawaii packing list! Check out these essentials to keep you cool and ...

5 Eco-Friendly Hotels That'll Inspire You To Go Green Travel | Travel Inspiration | Travel inspiration, Hawaii travel, Travel usa

Life in Hawaii – what its like living on Oahu

'Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you

Oahu itinerary - How to see the best of Oahu in 4 days. From beautiful

Making Sense Of Cents By Michelle Schroeder | Christian Personal Finance Blog .

I can't decide if this looks like a staged dating profile photo or I

Do the thing that sets your soul on fire 🔥

Windy, dusty and bloody beautiful 🙏🏼✨ Monument Valley, Utah 📷: @

The waters of Maui are incredibly clear ✨ There's nothing better than spending time in the

It's almost whale season again in the beautiful islands of Tonga - yay! While sadly

Afternoon magic at the incredible Arches National Park in Utah ✨ 📷: @scottruzzene x

I will forever be in awe of the incredible natural landscapes in our beautiful world 🙏

It's been a while since I've shared a yummy vegan recipe on my blog


To see the world is a privilege, and to see what the world is capable

debate ISSUE 14 | JULY 2014

Sometimes, I fear the world is too big and I don't have enough

When we started our hike up to the Delicate Arch, the sky was blue and

The result of ELMS cutting power means the override vent fails to close again and no new pressurized air maintains pressure in the cabin.

If you're getting ready to attend college, or if you've got kids who are preparing to go off to school, student loans can sometimes feel like a forgone ...

My monthly Extraordinary Lives series is something that I'm really loving, and I'm back with another great interview. First up was JP Livingston, ...

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When Concorde First Flew, It Was a Supersonic Sight to Behold



From Cash to Credit Cards – The Best way to Spend Abroad

... third-anniversary party at the Beard (April 13 - act fast, espcially if you like Alice in Chains, Faith No More, the Allman Brothers or Deep Purple).

In july august 2016 issue

Snippetz Weekly Magazine!

But that “oof” was more of a sympathy “oof” because I too have a vicious cat creature who would do that if given the chance.

Why It's Impossible to Test for Impairment by THC in Blood, Urine, or Saliva

When we ask about why she's so vocal on the topic, her response is simple: “Well, the answer certainly isn't to stop talking about it.”

Our schedule included a bunch of activities.


IF YOU HAVE THREE MINUTES TO SPARE, please respond to my new online storytelling poll. I will be launching a series of Wisdom (storytelling) Circles in ...

I am working on an app which tells your family if you are working right now or not. So in case they want to call you.

Photo courtesy of Jen Hatmaker


We've been asked a few times whether the dips in average Auckland property values lately reflect weakness in the top end of the market or the lower end.

The Destinations in Part One of our Tour




So we've being going a year and a half, and we still haven't sorted out this God question. What's the matter with you all? A heated and interesting debate ...

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Although it's not law yet, the tax ring-fence for rental property losses is likely to be approved and, when that happens, will apply to the current tax year ...

Coconuts, kava and crab races in Fiji



From celibate boyfriend to celibate husband (true love doesn't wait). - Dalrock


Not just the emotional highs and lows like getting engaged and friends passing away, or the immense stresses of moving cities never mind house, ...

Why the Idea of Killing Sharks to Make Waters Safer Is Absurd


There are also marked up and searchable so if you are looking for a particular author or artist you can easily find which edition they are in.

Orion Magazine

Now I 'just' need to buy a new laptop to stick them on (which will probably not happen until ~December..)

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Ten years have passed since then, and his room has remained unchanged for much of that time. But two years ago, I reluctantly took down the border to ...

... while Amelia and I were reunited one last time with a viist to ...

You, me & the wilderness 🙏🏼🍃

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... invariably the overall exposure is near perfect out of the camera! It seems to me that with the new metering Nikon has placed more emphasis on getting ...

NZ Property values have grown by only 0.5% this calendar year, with the annual rate of growth slowing to 2.6% at the end of last month.

See, stupid stuff! not even a news to be read just fake stuff. Atleast show some serious ads or else just rollback to your previous version.

On Safari at the jaw-droppingly beautiful Il' Ngwesi

Turning over a new leaf?

4/15 Cathartic Paper Making I became interested in paper making years ago after having seen beautiful handcrafted papers at a small art supply shop in New ...



It's tough to imagine Louisa ever being a fan of mid-noughties indie-dance music, but the producer insists she was infatuated with DJing no matter what the ...

My coworker was on vacation, which meant James and I were alone in the office. At the end of the day he came out, sat down in the chair beside my desk, ...

Great Winter Reading… JHK's new book!