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A relief in the Mayan temple a person worshipping a strange

A relief in the Mayan temple a person worshipping a strange


A relief in the Mayan temple, a person worshipping a strange humanoid creature. The


Experts have discovered a third structure within the Kukulkan pyramid in eastern Mexico, revealing that it was built like a Russian nesting doll.


Temple of the Inscriptions, Palenque, Maya, 5th-8th centuries (photo:

Maya Religion

Maya Architecture

Altun Ha

Chichen Itza

Diving or Descending God is depicted with the head in front, hanging arms and legs

Mexico Road Trip, Mayan Ruins in Yucatan Peninsula

Copan Pyramid, Honduras

Temple Of Inscriptions, Palenque

Temple of the Bearded Man

Caracol Mayan Temple


Temple of the Warriors in 1986. Note that the Temple of the Big Tables, immediately to the left, was unrestored at that time.

Ek Balam – Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan

Kukulkan has his origis among the Maya of the Classic Period, (200 AD to 1000) when he was known as Waxaklahun Ubah Kan, the War Serpent.

Temple of the Sun, Palenque

Secret Mayan tombs lend rare insight into rule of mysterious 'snake kings'

Mayan Gods

The decipherment of a lost script is always a landmark in the study of the civilization that created and used it. Recently, the beautiful yet strange ...

One of the figure's hands appears to be making a symbolic or ritual gesture that can be likened to a mudra commonly used in Hinduism and Buddhism ...

The huge La Danta temple at El Mirador is part of a vast Mayan landscape awaiting

Aztec Mexican Silver Money Clip Mayan Calender

In Tikal, Temples in the Mist

A head in a snake's jaws – a popular motif at Uxmal.

Copy of Bonampak Painting in Chetumal. This is an artist's copy of a mural at

Ritual shaman temple in Mexico used for human sacrifice and worship. Ancient Mayan civilization stone

Toltec Temple Ruins in Tula, Mexico

Sukuh Temple, look like Mayan Pyramid


Religious Mayan Temple located in Mexico used for ancient religious worship. - Stock Image

ancient pyramids south america - Google Search Famous Mexican, Pyramid Building, Maya Architecture,


The largest Maya city ever excavated in Belize, Caracol is a huge site that features majestic temples that modern visitors can climb to enjoy a spectacular ...

The towering temples at Tikal were abandoned in the 10th century, long before the Spaniards

Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico



The Mayan temple complex of Chichen Itza Yucatan Mexico

I had a strange man standing there. If you know most people interested in Egypt's worst. People interested in the history ...

rock door temple ruins carving relief lyrics stele archaeological site stone carving texts ancient history maya

Bas-relief carving with of a Mayan king Pakal, pre-Columbian Maya civilization


History of Mexico

The ruins of Persepolis.

This Event Has Been Celebrated For Thousands Of Years

Photo by Hector Siliezar I heard about the activation of the energy vortexes in pyramids around the world.

East Side of Chicanna Structure XX

A Guide to Visiting Maya Ruins in Belize

Strange Tree located at Beng Melea Temple, Angkor, Cambodia : Stock Photo

In early March, I biked out to the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya from the center of the Mexican city of Mérida. I stopped regularly to take pictures.

The temple of Venus. Right: Person (god?, ruler?, initiate

Hindu temple in Pondicherry in India

10 surprising facts about Ancient Egyptian art and architecture

Exploring the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza, Mexico. Read




Konark Sun Temple

The temple gets its name from the three tablets with written inscriptions in it. These are called the East, Central and West Tablet.

View of the north face of Zoomorph P at Quiriguá, Guatemala - Zoomorph P (

Yaxchilán lintel 16 (commissioned by Bird Jaguar IV for Structure 21), after 752

Statues of two people on the Mayan ruins at Kabah.

The Temple of Apollo, Delphi.

There's a reason visitors cluster in Cambodia's Angkor Archaeological Park: 400 square kilometres of ruins spanning six centuries of the Khmer Empire in its ...

Ancient Arch At Labna Mayan Ruins

Petra's temples, tombs, theaters and other buildings are scattered over 400 square miles.

Photo of The Grand Mayan - Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

It is believed that they painted their sacred temples with mica in order to make them sparkle in the sun. The paint would give their holy buildings a ...

Maya Food & Agriculture


Ek Balam - Black Jaguar ruins


10 Incredible Temples to Visit in Southern India

The strict photography ban stems from the belief that mirrors could steal away parts of the soul of the photographed person. And SLRs have mirrors.


Ek Balam - Mayan Ruins Yucatan