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10 Stocks which are FIXED DEPOSIT Shares to buy for long term

10 Stocks which are FIXED DEPOSIT Shares to buy for long term


The average absolute return of these stocks over the past five years has been 752%

For immediate savings, investing in a fixed deposit can be a viable option. However, if you are investing for the long term, you should look at equity ...

*Number of trading days the stock has outperformed the BSE Sensex in past three years. Operating profit (including other income) and PAT growth is y-o-y.

High-risk stocks have underperformed

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Risk-reward in the F&O segment is favourable compared to index fund


Top 10 stocks available in Indian Market #multibagger share in India

Returns of equity Fixed Deposit Gold over 1, week, 1 year 3 year,

Choose the amount of stocks you are comfortable with

Just compare the risk adjusted P2P lending returns and Bank FD returns. You are making more than four times of Bank FD. I would definitely invest certain ...

Consumption-focused stocks have done well

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... 10. The Benefits of long term investment in stock market  Saving Deposit ,  Fixed ...

The National Pension System (NPS) is a long term retirement - focused investment product managed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority ...

How to choose whether to invest in CDs or stocks

Hypothetical value of assets held in untaxed portfolios invested in US stocks, bonds, or short-term investments. Actual historical data were used to ...


Some of the companies' fixed deposits will help you to double your income as a long-term composting work. For example, your income for PNB Housing Finance ...


How-To-Buy-Stocks. Buying a stock — especially that first time ...

... you are making lesser return in real estate investments when compared with equity investments. And we are talking of such a performance at a time ...

Investors with a short-term horizon can sell the stock of Repco Home Finance at current levels. The stock has been in a long term downtrend since encounter ...


6 mistakes that small investors make when stock market is doing well, interest rates are rising

... the price to come down before buying the stock). The Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio) is the most common valuation metric, but there are many others.

Get Yes Bank stock as investment rather than FD account; This lender will make you rich faster

... uti mutual fund scheme

Should I invest in a stocks and shares. ISA to save up a lump sum?

What are Short Term Investment


... 10.

Mutual fund investors have scored over various time horizons

When To Invest In Mutual Fund Instead Of Bank Fixed Deposit (FD)? Here's What Experts Say


Based on this premise, you choose following stocks and invest Rs 1 Lakh each on all 10 stocks:

Invest in Stock Markets/Mutual Funds instead of Fixed Deposits.

'Investment in 8-10 stocks should be good enough if your budget is between Rs 2-5 lakh'


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Equity mutual funds disappoint

African Bank Fixed deposit infograhpic

Stock market crash calculator

If you are long term investors and worried about highly volatile markets you can invest in these mutual fund schemes.

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Best Stocks to Buy in India for Long Term Investment


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Rs 10 lakhs invested in Sensex in 1979 is Rs 26 crores! Are you buying

fd income fund chart


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Playing the long game: The stock market trounces a savings account over the longer term

Investing in Stocks / Bull & Bear

The following are ...

the stock market emotional roller coaster

After looking at that 10-year comparison, you might wonder “why would anyone buy stocks when the bonds do so well?”. The answer lies in the longer term.

Funds which gave more than 5% .Almost zero. You Can see all the top performing funds are ETF barring Axis Long Term Equity.

... Returns of Equity,Debt,Gold over years

How to invest R100 000

Bond mutual funds screener

It's a good choice, as they tend to optimize the overall fixed income portfolio's returns. That said, investors should not go over-board on allocation into ...

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It is also important to note that the returns from these deposits can be taxable. • It is ideal for short term purposes like acquisition of a new vehicle or ...

Why are small businessmen in Gujarat turning to mutual funds and fixed deposits?

The fixed deposit space has become very competitive, with a number of banks launching special

Remember, SIPs help you average out your cost. Hence, if the average purchase NAV of your mutual fund scheme is lower than the NAV at the time of valuation, ...


34. What are various long term ...

Jamna Auto || बहुत बढिया कंपनी हे || Long term Buy. Where to Invest in Stock Market

But I believe there is a case for fixed deposits, particularly for newbies or those that already have stock market investments.pic.twitter.com/vrzfBwuavS

A Modern Approach to Asset Allocation

pms in india

... are rushing to buy now for long term . but this may not be a market to buy for long term. I am myself Bullish now, but for short term not long term .


One of the simplest ways we can start investing is via a Regular Shares Saving (RSS) plan, such as the POSB Invest Saver. If you're wondering what an RSS is ...

Bank account alternatives for your money

Stock markets can be volatile but tend to rise over a longer term horizon


The term Mutual Funds refers to a pool of money accumulated by several investors who aim at saving and making money through their investment.

Stock market crash calculator

US stock market returns represented by total return of S&P 500® Index. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. It is not possible to invest in ...